Sunday, July 6, 2008

Room Affects: How to make a room affect hitpoints, damroll, etc.

The bare bones room affect system SMAUG comes with is unfinished and extremely dangerous to use. This snippet fixes it up and brings it up to par with all SMAUG's other robust features.

"But what's a room affect?" It's like an object affect, but on a room. Say you want everyone in your room to get +2 damroll. You simply type: "redit affect damroll 2".

I set the saving up in a way so that you can put as many room affects as you want in an area, and, assuming everything else is standard, it will still load fine on a stock SMAUG MUD without this snippet (although without the room affects). (It was necessary to add a saving feature because the bare bones room affects which come with SMAUG don't even save)


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