Sunday, July 6, 2008

Snippet Summary

Here is a summary of all the published snippets.
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Room Affects:

Allows you to add affects to rooms, like hp, mpdamage, and so on. Players who enter the room will gain those stats. Technically, stock SMAUG already has this feature, but it's badly broken and shouldn't be used. This snippet fixes it.


The MPREDIT command allows mobs to modify a room. It's similar to mposet and mpmset. This makes it possible for a mobprog to do things like flood a room with water, change a room's description and name in realtime, modify a room's tunnel size, and so on.

Loot Command:

For pkill, a command for corpse-looting. It has four modes: random, specific, both, or disabled. The modes can be changed without rebooting the MUD, using the cset command. In random mode, the command will loot three random items. In specific mode, the looter can choose one item to loot. In both mode, the looter can choose to loot three random or one specific.

Improved Ventriloquism:

An improvement to the ventriloquism spell. Significantly upgrades the spell.

Improved Mpdamage:

A major improvement to the mpdamage command. Old mpdamage syntax will still work, so old progs will still work fine, but many new options are enabled which really bring mpdamage to life. Now when the message says the mob breathes fire at the player, the damage can actually be fire-elemental!

Improved Detect Poison:

A total overhaul of the detect poison spell.

Extra Identify Strings:

Add custom extra lines to an item's "identify" (and auction) display. This lets you put fake stats on an item, historical notes, indicate a special property the item has, or anything.

Elemental Items:

Isn't it odd how a mob can be susceptible to fire, yet still take normal damage from "a flaming lance"? Elemental items fixes that, letting you add elements to weapons, causing their damage to be of that element (in addition to being piercing/slashing/blunt/whatever). Other items can also have elements added, see the file for specific effects.


Kind of a beefed up version of "curse". When a victim is doomed, the very fates conspire against him. The worst things suddenly tend to go wrong at the worst possible time. Very fun and evil.

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