Sunday, July 6, 2008

Upgraded Detect Poison: Enhance your MUD's "detect poison" spell and make it actually useful

In SMAUG, I noticed that players very rarely (if ever) used the "detect poison" spell. Out of the box, detect poison is a very barebones spell without much use. So I upgraded the hell out of it, and now you can have the upgraded version too.

Here's an exhaustive list of changes this does.
- Works on all items, not just edibles.
- Appropriate special message for casting detect poison on
the black poison powder object used for poisoning weaps.
- Detects if a drinkcon is empty
- Detects alcoholic beverage and responds humorously.
- Detects rotting food, warns of food poisoning
- Takes cooking code into account
- For pills/potions/salves, checks whether one of the spells
case is poison, sleep, curse, blindness, gas breath, or
chill touch. Responds accordingly.
- Checks if a weapon is poisoned.
- For weapons, armor, lights, staves, and wands, checks
to see if, when worn, the item has poison/curse/sleep as
an effect.
- Appropriate reply when cast on blood or quills
- When cast on NPC corpse, check if the mob was poisonous
while it lived.
- When cast on a container, count the number of poison
objects inside.
- Detects poison-themed traps.


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