Sunday, July 6, 2008

Identify Strings: Add custom lines to identified items on SMAUG!

This snippet allows builders to add extra lines to an item's
diagnosis on "identify" and "auction". This is quite nice for
cases where a prog has been used to similate a flag which
doesn't exist, for example, if an item is made to reject males
from wearing it, you could add a line:
"This item cannot be equipped by males."
You can even use this to add fake stat lines:
"Affects hitpoints by 25,000. (Just Kidding!)"
Another fun use is to add in-character notes on the item,
"An old prophecy states this sword will slay the evil wizard."

Use oset to add extra idstrings:
oset raft idstring Ahh, the raft of Captain Sparrow!

You can optionally put color in the custom idstring
using the usual color tokens.

Use "oset rmidstring (number)" to remove an idstring.


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