Sunday, September 7, 2008

SMAUG Snippets and Tippets

Hello, Valcados here. MUDding has been a hobby for many years, starting when I was a kid and SMAUG wasn't even published yet. I've been a SMAUG coder for almost a decade (and a builder even longer) and I'm one of the best in the community. I was head coder at Lands of Aethar for over half a decade (under the name Curufinwe). I've made major contributions to the SMAUGFUSS project, I'm proud of my code's exceptional robustness.

These days I'm a coder emeritus. I'm retired from regular coding, and I want to share my knowledge with fellow coders. Therefore I'll be publishing high quality SMAUG code snippets. Use them to enhance your MUD.


Use the links on the right to navigate the site.

SNIPPETS: A page with my snippets on it.

WALKTHROUGH: My newest contribution to the community, an excellent birds-eye walkthrough of the backbone of the SMAUG universe. I attempted to design this walkthrough to give some add some insight into the code no matter what level you're at.

MY MAIN SITE: My main webpage, where I write articles and do other projects. Some things which might be interesting to MUDDERS: Simulationism; The Lands of Aethar; Intelligent Design and Video Games; My Experience with Computer Programming. The archives have hundreds of free articles :)


Things I'd like to write here in the future:

  • An article about the mysterious Supermob
  • Tips on building great areas
  • "What I Gained From Playing MUD Games"
  • Games In Review: Realms of Despair
  • The Big Bugs In SMAUG That'll Probably Never Be Fixed
  • Ideas for Next Generation MUDs
  • What are Reserved Files anyway?
  • What's all this set_curr_char business?
  • And more...

Feel free to add comments to any page on the site.

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